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Harnett County is home to a talent pool that works for you! The strength and diversity of the capable and skilled workers are the result of the expansive and high-quality education opportunities available within the county and the region.

A significant majority of residents, 64%, commute outside Harnett County to work each day. These workers are ready to come home and work for you.

Universities & Colleges – Harnett County is distinguished by the presence of Campbell University, which offers degrees in law, engineering, pharmacology, osteopathic medicine, physician’s assistant and nursing, as well as a variety of undergraduate degrees. Seven additional universities, including Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are less than one hour away.

Community Colleges – Customized and cluster-focused training programs help our businesses recruit, screen and train a highly skilled workforce. Central Carolina Community College provides outstanding workforce training for industrial and medical fields as well as continuing-education opportunities.

K-12 education – The Harnett County Public School System promotes innovative thinking through collaboration, technology and life experience to produce globally competitive individuals.

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