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Discover Harnett County

Explore Harnett County's offerings, including available buildings and sites, competitive business advantages, exceptional quality of life experiences, and the latest community and economic development news. Harnett County, North Carolina, stands out as the perfect destination for both a diverse workforce and innovative companies.

Who We Are

Welcome to Harnett County, the 23rd largest county in North Carolina. Our prime location near major cities, access to key transportation networks, and a vibrant community, make Harnett County an ideal place for businesses to call home.

139 k
15.5 k+
$ 59.7 k
9.2 k
7.4 k
1.08 m
Source: Lightcast 2024 Q2

Our Location

Harnett County's location within the Research Triangle Region and the state of North Carolina creates an advantaged economic climate for entrepreneurs, business and industry.

Harnett County

Nestled between North Carolina's Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions, Harnett County boasts an ideal location, granting access to urban conveniences and beautiful natural scenery. Its central position within the state makes it a pivotal point for regional connectivity and economic activity.

North Carolina

Located in the heart of North Carolina, Harnett County serves as a geographical crossroads, offering easy access to the state's major cities and attractions. Its central location makes it a strategic hub for commerce, culture, and community.

U.S. East Coast

Situated in the heart of North Carolina along the eastern seaboard of the United States, Harnett County holds a strategic position for economic development. Its location provides convenient access to coastal attractions and inland economic hubs, fostering opportunities for growth and prosperity for residents and businesses alike.

Harnett County is a proud partner of the NC Carolina Core and RTRP:

NC Carolina Core
NC Carolina Core