Businesses looking to locate and expand on the East Coast, Southeast United States, or in North Carolina will find many reasons to consider Harnett County:

Harnett County regional map

Harnett County's strategic location in central North Carolina along the Interstate 95 Corridor, offers businesses easy access to major transportation networks, railways, and airports including Raleigh-Durham International (RDU) and the County’s own Harnett Regional Jetport. 

Located within a one-hour drive from the Research Triangle Park, and as part of the Carolina Core, Harnett benefits from its proximity to renowned research universities, a strong and growing talent pipeline, and innovative companies.

The Port of Wilmington is less than a two-hour drive from Harnett County, facilitating efficient transportation and trade, offering businesses convenient access to global markets, and enhancing economic opportunities.

This accessibility facilitates the efficient movement of goods and services to regional, national, and international markets.

Harnett County proudly upholds its position with the most competitive property tax rate in the Triangle Region, standing at $0.591 per $100 of assessed value. 

Harnett County fosters a pro-business environment with supportive local government policies and incentives to attract and retain businesses. 

For the second year in a row, CNBC has named North Carolina America’s Top State for Business. Learn more about this ranking and Why NC here.

The County benefits from a diverse and skilled workforce, with educational institutions, training programs, and workforce development initiatives catering to industry needs.

With a regional population exceeding two million, and a workforce of over one million, the Research Triangle Region emerges as a prime choice for businesses seeking a skilled talent pool. This dynamic ecosystem of talent, composed of highly educated and motivated individuals aged 18 to 64, fuels innovation, drives productivity, and propels companies towards success.

Harnett County offers businesses and residents alike the advantage of a low cost of living, ensuring that both personal and professional endeavors thrive in an environment that prioritizes affordability without compromising on quality of life.

Compared to nearby urban regions, Harnett County offers a lower cost of living, including affordable housing and favorable business operating costs. The cost of living in Harnett is 90.8%, which is nearly 10% less than the national average and is 4.4% lower than North Carolina’s average. 

The County invests in infrastructure projects to improve transportation networks, utilities, and other essential services vital for business operations. 

One of Harnett County’s most valuable assets is the Cape Fear River. This treasured natural resource provides access to utilities and serves as a crucial water source, supporting essential infrastructure and ensuring sustainable supply for the County's residents and industries.

Harnett County offers businesses a combination of strategic advantages, supportive resources, and a high quality of life, making it an attractive destination for investment, expansion, and growth.

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